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(e.g. DT4 8TA)

e.g. House number/building name plus, street, town and/or county name

Search Criteria:

  • You can search for properties by entering a full postcode, your house number/name and the name of the road/street etc e.g. 100 Nowhere Street
  • If a postcode is not entered then the address should be at least 6 characters long.
  • Searches using wildcard characters are not allowed. (e.g. % * ? etc.)
  • For best results supply a full postcode or a house name/number and street.

Possible Reasons a Property Cannot Be Found:

  • Street name / building name has not been spelt correctly.
  • The full postcode has not been entered (both the first and last part of the postcode are required).
  • The property you are searching for may not be within this local authority's area.
  • The property you are searching for may not be a domestic/residential address.